Do Hospitality Venues Need A Walk in Freezer?

walk in freezer

If you own a bar or a restaurant then you probably rely heavily on your walk in freezer. There are many good reasons to own one, and the first is convenience. Food can be stored at a low temperature and is kept fresh for longer periods. In general, food, especially raw if exposed to air for too long can quickly go bad. What we mean by bad is to lose both textures and flavours. If they are placed in the refrigerator, they may begin to look mouldy and stale. Therefore, a walk in freezer its the best option for hospitality venues that handle large amounts of stock.

walk in freezer

Walk in Freezers Are More Energy Efficient

Another advantage to walk in freezers is that they are more energy-efficient than a large refrigerator or other types of freezers. Large freezers tend to use a lot of electricity and so are very costly to run. However, in a restaurant where so much work is done during the day, the extra energy use can really add up. A large freezer can end up costing more in energy costs than a small walk in freezer.

walk in freezer

Things to Consider

The benefits of a walk in freezer are fairly obvious, but there are a few important things to think about before buying one for your hospitality venue. You need to make sure that it is made by a reputable manufacturer. It is easy to find a reputable company online but you also need to make sure that the seller you are buying from sells good quality freezers. When it comes to buying electronic devices, branding is fairly important. Make sure to read reviews and choose a brand that is well established. The next step is to make sure you identify your exact needs. What we mean by that is to think about your venue and its size, and your menu and the different types of food you serve. The more you understand what you will be needing and using your freezer for, the easier you can purchase the right product that will meet your unique requirements.

walk in freezer

Tips For Making the Most of Your Walk in Freezer

If you want to make the most of your walk in freezer then organisation is key. The best way to improve the space is by freezing everything flat whenever possible. We know this is not very practical for some items but it can really help you maintain proper spacing. 

  1. Label everything
  2. Include date
  3.  Expiry date
  4. Apply the first in first out (FIFO) method
  5. Store delicate food away from fans
  6. Leave room for circulation – 3-6 inches of space between items

Do not forget about circulation. For your freezer to work properly and be able to freeze your food, the air inside needs to be able to circulate properly.