Essential French Recipes & Ingredients

French recipes from classic pot-au-feu to comforting croque madame will have your guests exclaiming “Ooh la la!” These mouthwatering meals make entertaining simple!

Cassoulet, a classic bean-centric ragout dish found all across southern France, typically made up of ingredients like pork, duck, sausages or even meat depending on its origins and prepared to perfection is one of the ultimate French comfort food dishes.


Vegetables are an integral component of French cuisine, particularly in Provence on the Mediterranean coast. The warm climate provides ideal conditions for growing fresh vegetables that feature in many of their most beloved dishes such as the Nicoise Salad, Soupe au Pistou (vegetable soup with Pesto) and Pissaladiere (onion and Anchovy Pizza) among others. Leeks (leek), used as topping in la Flamiche puff-pastry tart or la Vichyssoise leek soup are two highly favored vegetable dishes among many French chefs!

Many vegetable recipes are ideal for light meals when served alongside crusty bread, though they can also accompany grilled chicken or fish as part of an entree or side. Ratatouille is an easy veggie dish that can be prepared ahead of time and enjoyed either on its own or paired with other grilled foods such as chicken.

This simple French recipe includes an indulgent blend of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant baked in a flavorful tomato sauce for a delectable peasant dish originating in Provence – a region along the Mediterranean Coast famed for its food. Once considered poor man’s food using seasonal produce from that season and herbes de provence for flavor. You can easily make it vegetarian-friendly by leaving out ground beef entirely.


As temperatures cool off, hearty French classics such as Steak Frites, Boeuf Bourguignon, Quiche Lorraine and Coq au Vin require something light yet satisfying as an accompaniment – and these incredible French salad recipes won’t let you down! Not only are they absolutely delectable – they’re easy to make too!

A staple on menus across France, this salad combines tomatoes, Nicoise olives and anchovies in a light oil dressing tossed with greens for an ideal sunny terrace lunch option.

This delicious salad from Normandy features apples, Camembert cheese and walnuts with an easy vinegar cider dressing – the perfect recipe for those watching their cholesterol levels but loved by everyone else too.

This dish provides a tasty variation on traditional pasta salad with its combination of sweet and savory ingredients, like nutty arugula, sweet peppers, grilled corn and toasted hazelnuts tossed together with an irresistibly tart French vinaigrette dressing. Perfect as either an accompaniment for any meal or light vegetarian main, as well as gluten-free and suitable as an addition to picnic meals! Just pair with baguettes for the complete experience.


France may be famous for its cuisine, but that doesn’t mean they don’t serve meat-rich meals; more French recipes call for pork and beef than vegetables!

Beef is a favorite for many people, whether they prefer simple grilled steak or the heartier and slower-cooked boeuf bourguignonne in winter months. Stuffed poultry dishes like poulet a la lonza can also make an impressive starter (entree) choice but should still be ordered carefully to avoid an indulgence-induced bellyache!

Kig ha farz is a Breton dish which translates to “meat and stuffing”. This stewed meat and vegetable dish has become increasingly popular across France, making for an effortless home cook recipe requiring only one pot. Kig ha farz uses three cuts of meat that provide depth of flavor – cuts rich in fat; gelatinous pieces such as cheek or shin meat; and lean cuts such as brisket.

French cuisine remains uniquely traditional when it comes to using all parts of an animal for cuisine; from bones and brains for soup to fat used in making lard and sausages. But recently it’s becoming more common to see vegetarian alternatives to these dishes at restaurants.


French desserts are an exquisite way to round off a meal. Created by master chefs, these famous treats have become iconic worldwide. Check out these high-end French recipes for desserts you’re sure to enjoy.

Crepes are an easy French treat that are beloved among their audiences, making this treat something to enjoy year round! Light and fluffy in texture, crepes can be filled with anything imaginable – try something fun like adding Calvados and Apple Granite or try an herb and Goat Cheese Galette as filling options!

Macarons are a delicious French dessert and an ideal treat to share with family and friends. To craft them successfully, the key lies in mastering pate a choux dough, used to craft profiteroles, cream puffs, and eclairs. Be patient as this process may be temperamental; take your time making sure the egg whites are whipped to perfection for best results!

Try something different this time and treat yourself to cafe liegeois: this French recipe features coffee-flavored ice cream served up with any topping of your choosing.

Poire Belle Helene, one of France’s signature desserts, combines elegance and delicacy in one delicious bite. Crafted using poached pears poached in sugar before topping them off with vanilla ice cream – named for one of France’s iconic opera houses, you can also customize this dish by adding additional elements such as almond slices or chocolate sauce for additional flavor!