Making a Restaurant Menu More Profitable

Restaurant menus and menu cards are one of the most important tools in running a successful restaurant. The main purpose is to inform customers about the different dishes on the menu and what they entail. A restaurant menu can be as simple as a single page or as complex as a multi-page booklet with custom inserts. Either way, having a professional to create a restaurant menu can save the restaurant money over time. In addition, it allows for the creative juices to really come to the table when designing the menu.

Building And Designing Your Menu

Restaurant menu design is a relatively new term, although many people know what it means. Although menu design has evolved into an industry term, it’s not exactly a term that you see often. Restaurant owners and operators should be aware of what it means and make certain that everyone understands what it is all about before going out and hiring someone to do it.

Menu architecture makes sure that the layout of the menu fits the overall theme of the restaurant. For instance, if you have a Mexican themed restaurant, the design of your menu items should match the culture of the people who will be ordering them. This doesn’t mean, however, that a flashy and busy restaurant might not be a good place to eat. If diners don’t feel comfortable in some of the finer details of the restaurant (like the Waitstaff’s apparel), then it might not be the best place for them to dine. On the flip side, a laid back atmosphere might work better for a diner looking to enjoy themselves while they’re waiting for their food to be brought out to them.

Choosing Different Kinds Of Formats For Your Menu

Another factor to consider using for restaurant menu design is typography. If there is a specific type of font that you want to use for your menu, you should make sure that you get a designer to create it for you. Most business owners find that using the correct types of fonts is one of the most important elements of a successful menu. Whether or not your restaurant offers a traditional type of cuisine (such as Italian food) or a more contemporary (but still authentic) type of cuisine (Chinese food), it is critical that your menu item conveys the right message to your customers.

The final thing to consider when creating a restaurant menu is whether or not it is profitable. After all, customers are going to be choosing your menu items based on how tasty they are, as well as whether they are the most cost-effective options. If the cost of your food is higher than the profits that you could expect to make, then it may not be a smart business move to put high-margin items on your menu. On the other hand, low-profit menu items (such as side items, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, desserts, etc.) can be very profitable if you offer customers enough choices to cater to everyone.


While restaurant menus can incorporate just about any type of food or beverage imaginable, it is important that they get the appropriate attention. A good way to get your menu items noticed is to make them standout through professional design, typography, and presentation. When you use these four elements effectively, you will be able to draw in customers and turn them into paying customers. By taking a little time to ensure that your restaurant menus and brochures stand out, you will find that your business will soon begin to reap the financial benefits that the menu stands for.